Inspecting, Informing, Improving

Through EuroTest/TAP, 18 automobile clubs in 17 countries, members of the FIA, have been putting the quality and safety of mobility in Europe to the test since 2000 for the benefit of their members and all mobile consumers in Europe. The EuroTest partners have constantly called for a Europe where the mobile consumer can circulate freely using quality infrastructure and in safety.

We have examined Europe’s motorway service areas, passenger ferries, tunnels and railway stations. Test methodologies draw on the best available experience and regulation. All surveys use a common rating scheme and each test is repeated periodically to check for enhancements.

Improvements have been achieved for the consumer thanks to immediate widespread publication of the test results – good and bad – in national media Europe wide, supported by clubs’ demands addressed directly to responsible authorities and political and legislative forums about identified shortcomings.

Key EuroTest Objectives

  • Raise public awareness about the quality and safety of Europe’s mobility infrastructure.
  • Call for the quality and safety standards we believe mobile consumers deserve.
  • Inform mobile consumers so they can safeguard their own mobility.
  • Stimulate public debate about identified failings and if necessary call for regulation.
  • Encourage operators to provide the services

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Out Latest Project

The latest EuroTest has made a comparison of incidental holiday expenses from 20 popular holiday destinations in 18 European countries. Although, overall, prices were high in typically expensive cities like London or Oslo, the survey discovered that Munich was an unexpectedly affordable destination. Meanwhile, as might be expected, cities such as Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana fell on the less expensive side.

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